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Verbe română engleză litera P

Exerciţii verbe română engleză verbe litera p.

Învăţaţi limba engleză. Începeţi să învăţaţi câteva din verbele limbii
engleze. În exemplele pe care le găsiţi pe această pagină vă
propunem să învăţaţi verbele cu litera P. Exercitii şi exemple. 

verbe litera a verbe litera b verbe litera c verbe litera d
verbe litera e verbe litera f verbe litera g verbe litera h
verbe litera i verbe litera î verbe litera j verbe litera l
verbe litera m verbe litera n verbe litera o verbe litera p
verbe litera r verbe litera s verbe litera t verbe litera u
verbe litera v verbe litera z  

a pacatui. Ai pacatuit in fata lui Dumnezeu.

to sin. You have sinned against God.

a palmui. Mama a palmuit-o pe Jane pe fata.

to slap. Mom slapped Jane across the face.

a pandi. Am pandit-o. A pandit pana a venit vulpea sa fure gaini.

to watch, to sneack. We watched her. He watched until the fox came up to steal chickens.

a pangari. Mormantul regelui a fost pangarit de hoti.

to defile. The king tomb has been defiled by thieves.

a parî. Nu ma parî ca am fost acolo.

to let on. Don’t let on that I was there.

a paraliza. Greva paraliza tara. Accidentul i-a paralizat picioarele.

to paralise. The strike paralised the country. The accident paralyzed her legs.

a parasi. Cand ai parasit tara? (Cand ai plecat din tara?)

to leave. When you left the country?

a parca. Va trebui sa parchezi aici.

to park. You will have to park here.

a parea. Ea pare sa aiba multi bani. El pare fericit.

to seem, to look. She seems to have a lot of money. He looks happy.

a paria. Pariezi bani la cursele de cai?

to bet. Do you bet money on horse races?

a parli. Flama i-a parlit parul. Si-a parlit haina trecand pe langa foc.

to singe. The flame had singed her hair. He singed the clothes passing by the fire.

a pasa. Paseaza-mi mingea. Fundasul a pasat mingea atacantului.

to pass. Pass me the ball. The quarterback pass the ball to kicker.

a pasi. Ea a pasit pe pod. Am pasit la bordul avionului increzatori si fericiti.

to step. She stepped on the bridge. We stepped on board of the aircraft confident and happy.

a fi pasionat de. Ma pasioneaza sporturile.

to be keen on. I am keen on sports.

a pastra. Mancand fructe imi mentin sanatatea. Poti pastra jurnalul. Sa ne pastram sanatatea facand sport.

to keep. Eating fruits I keep my good health. You may keep the diary. Let us keep healthy by doing sport.

a patina. Patineaza des. In iarna asta vom patina din nou.

to skate. He often skates. In this winter we will skate again.

a patrunde. Am patruns intelesul mesajului. A patruns in interiorul cladirii.

to grasp, to enter. I grasped the meaning of the message. He entered inside the building.

a pazi. Trebuie sa pazim acest echipament pana maine. Pazeste-te de prieteni. Pazeste-te de caine.

to guard, to beware. We must guard this equipment until tomorrow. Beware of friends. Beware of the dog.

a pedepsi. L-au pedepsit pentru ca a furat. Justitia pedepseste orice fapta rea comisa.

to punnish. They punished him for stealing. Justice punishes any committed wrongdoing.

a penetra, a patrunde. Ploaia a penetrat acoperisul. (Ploaia a patruns prin acoperis.) Glontul a penetrat vesta antiglont. (Glontul a patruns prin vesta antiglont.)

to penetrate. The rain penetrated the roof. The bullet penetrated the bulletproof vest.

a pensiona. Multi oameni se pensioneaza la varsta de 62 de ani. Cand ne vom pensiona vom avea o viata mai linistita.

to retire. Most people retire at the age of 62. When we will retire we will have a quieter life.

a percepe. Pisicile nu sunt capabile sa perceapa culorile. Incearcam sa percepem oamenii cat mai convenabil pentru noi.

to perceive. Cats are not able to perceive the colors. We try to perceive people more convenient to us.

a perfecta. Intelegerea a fost perfectata pe perioada unei intalniri intr-o saptamana in Los Angeles. Afacerea a fost perfectata in cateva zile dupa negocieri.

to conclude. The agreement was concluded during a week meeting in Los Angeles. The business was concluded in a few days after negotiations.

a perfectiona. Imi perfectionez cunostintele de limbi straine. Ne perfectionam la locul de munca in profesia de tamplar.

to perfect, to improve. I perfecting my knowledge of foreign languages. We improve ourselves at the workplace in the profession of carpenter.

a peria. Imi perii parul in fiecare dimineata. Sa ne periem dintii! (Sa ne spalam pe dinti!). Perie-ti haina de scame.

to brush. I brush my hair every morning. Let's brush our teeth! Brush your coat by the lint.

a permite. Nu vi se poate permite accesul in aceasta zona restrictionata. Nu-mi pot permite cumpararea unui automobil pentru moment. Ti-a permis sa intri in casa.

to allow, to afford. You are not allowed to pass in this restricted area. I cannot afford buying a car for the moment. He allowed you to get into the house.

a persevera. Ea a persevera in aceasta directie. Perseveram in ideile noastre despre democratie.

to persevere. She persevered along this line. We persevere in our ideas about democracy.

a persista. Noi persistam in a refuza orice ajutor. Mirosul a persistat in haine mult timp dupa ce au fost spalate.

to persist. We persist in refusing any help. The smell persisted in clothes long time after were washed.

a pescui. Pescuia somon. Azi este o zi frumoasa si mergem sa pescuim.

to fish. He was fishing salmon. Today is a beautiful day and we go to fish.

a petrece timp. A petrecut vara pe plaja. Unde vrei sa-ti petreci vacanta de vara?

to spend time. He spend the summer on the beach. Where do you want to spend your summer vacation?

a pica (a esua). Am picat la un examen. Am picat la "examenul maturitatii". (Am esuat la "examenul maturitatii".)

to fail. I failed in an exam. I failed at "the exam of the adulthood".

a picta. Am pictat usa in verde. Voi picta un tablou in memoria eroilor care au murit pentru tara.

to paint. I painted the door green. I will paint a painting in memory of the heroes who died for the country.

a pierde (a rata). Mi-am pierdut stiloul. Mi-am pierdut mintile. Am pierdut trenul.

to lose, to miss. I lost my pen. I lost my minds. I missed the train.

a pieri. Toate animalele noastre au pierit in incendiu. In al doilea razboi mondial au pierit multi oameni.

to perrish. All our animals perrished in the fire. In the Second World War many people perished.

a pisa. A inceput sa piseze zaharul. Am pisat usturoiul pentru maioneza.

to pound. He began to pound the sugar. I pounded the garlic for mayonnaise.

a pisca. A fost piscat de o viespe. L-am ciupit de brat ca sa se trezeasca.

to sting, to pinch. He was stung by a wasp. I pinched his arm to wake up him.

a placea. Iti place ceea ce faci? Imi place sa citesc.

to enjoy, to like. Do you enjoy what are you doing? I like reading.

a plana. Avionul a planat deasupra dealurilor. Si-a dat drumul cu parapanta si a planat lin deasura norilor.

to hover. A plane hovered over the hills. He released paragliding and hover smoothly over the clouds.

a plange. Copilul a plans la pierderea jucariei. Copiii plang si rad mai mult in comparatie cu adultii.

to weep, to cry. The child wept at the loss of the toy. Children cry and laugh more compared to the adults.

a planui. Am planuit o vizita la Oslo. Planuisem ca mergem sa vizitam Corea de Sud vara asta.

to plan. We were planned a visit to Oslo. We planned to go to visit South Korea this summer.

a plasa bani (a investi). A plasat 3500$ in fabrica sa.

to invest. She invested 3500$ in her factory.

a plati. Voi plati datoria in curand. Va plati prin transfer bancar.

to pay. I will pay the debt soon. He ill pay by bank transfer.

a pleca. Este timpul sa plecam. Trebuie sa plecam in Constanta.

to leave. It is time to leave. We have to leave in Constanta.

a plictisi. Glumele ei ma plictisesc. La concertul de muzica clasica s-au plictisit.

to bore. Her jokes bore me. At the classical music concert were bored.

a se plimba (a merge). Imi place sa ma plimb in padure. In seara asta ne vom plimba pe malul marii.

to walk. I like to walk in the forest. Tonight we will walk on the beach.

a plivi. Va trebui sa plivim gradina in fiecare vara. Trebuie sa plivim vita de vie in fiecare toamna.

to weed. Will have to weed the garden every summer. We have to weed vines every fall.

a ploua. Ploua cu galeata. De sarbatori va ploua.

to rain. It’s raining cats and dogs. On the hollidays it will rain.

a pluti. Lemnele pluteau pe apa. O sticla plutea deasupra apei.

to float. The woods was floating on the water. A bottle was floating above the water.

a pofti. L-am poftit sa intre. I-am poftit sa ia cina cu noi.

to invite, to ask. I asked him to get in. I invited them to take dinner with us.

a pompa. Inima pompeaza sange. Aparatele pompeaza apa in sistemele de irigatii.

to pump. The heart pumps blood. Appliances pumping water in irrigation systems.

a porecli. Au poreclit-o Lucy.

to nickname. They nicknamed her Lucy.

a porni. In sfarsit masina a pornit. (In cele din urma masina a pornit.) Un grup de expeditii a pornit sa cucereasca varful cel mai inalt din muntii Himalaya.

to start. Finally the car started. A group of expeditions started to conquer the highest peak in the Himalayas.

a porunci. Fetei i s-a poruncit sa iasa din camera.

to command, to order. To the girl was ordered to leave the room.

a poseda. Posed aceasta masina. (Detin aceasta masina.) Boierul poseda multe terenuri.

to own, to possess. I own this car. The nobleman possessed more land.

a potoli. Bea wisky pentru a-si potoli nervii. Bea apa pentru a potoli setea.

to soothe, to quench. He drinks whisky to soothe his nerves. He drink water to quench thirst.

a potrivi. Cravata ta nu se potriveste cu camasa. In acea relatie cei doi nu se potrivesc.

to match. Your tie doesn’t match with the shirt. In that relationship the two did not match.

a povesti. Povesteste-mi doar ce a spus.

to tell a story. Just tell me what she said.

a se prabusi. Pretul petrolului s-ar putea prabusi. Firma s-a prabusit din cauza datoriilor prea multor datorii.

to break down, to collapse. The price of oil could break down. The company collapsed because of too many debt.

a prada. A pradat o banca, furand toti banii. Au jefuit si au pradat totul in calea lor.

to prey, to plunder. He robbed a bank, stealing all the money. They looted and plundered everything in their path.

a preda. A livrat scrisoarea. Courier company delivered the package to the recipient. Ea preda geografia.

to deliver, to teach. He delivered the letter. Firma de curierat rapid a predat pachetul destinatarului. She teach geography.

a predomina. Credinta crestina este predominanta in Europa. Culturile de grau predomina in Romania.

to prevail, to predominate. The Christian faith is predominant in Europe. The wheat crops predominate in Romania.

a preface. Ea doar se preface. Ne prefacem ca ne apropiem de ei.

to pretend. She is only pretending. We are pretending that we are approaching them.

a prefera. As prefera sa citesc decat sa ma uit la televizor.

to prefer. I'd prefer to read than watch TV.

a pregati. Sotia se pregateste pentru cina. Ne pregatim sa facem o execursie la mare, in Grecia.

to prepare. The wife prepares for dinner. We are preparing to make a trip to the sea, in Greece.

a prejudicia. Romania a fost prejudiciata de catre toti conducatorii sai dupa anul 1989. Aceste chimicale prejudiciaza mediul inconjurator.

to prejudice, to harm. Romania was prejudiced by all its rulers after 1989. These chemicals harm the enviroment.

a prelucra. Acest lapte poate fi procesat in mai multe feluri. Acest lemn va fi prelucrat de catre tamplar.

to process. This milk may be processed in many ways. This wood will be processed by carpenter.

a prelungi. Masa a fost prelungita cu inca o jumatate de metru. Am prelungit perioada de timp pana la scandenta depozitului.

to extend. The table was extended by another half meter. We've extended the period of time to maturity of the deposit.

a premia. M-au premiat anul trecut. L-au premiat pentru ca a luat locul intai la sfarsitul anului scolar.

to award. They awarded me last year. They rewarded him for taking first place at the end of the school year.

a preocupa. Acest raport preocupa politia. Ne preocupam inutil.

to concern. This report concerns the police. We concern ourselves unnecessarily.

a presara. Casele sunt presarate pe dealuri. Trebuie sa presarati sare ca mancarea sa aiba gust bun.

to strew, to sprinkle. Houses are strewn throughout the hills. You must sprinkle salt on the food to have a good taste.

a presupune, Credinta crestina presupune sa ai credinta mare. Ce presupune aceasta afacere?

to suppose. Christian faith suppose to have deep faith. What suppose this business?

a pretrece. Cum ai petrecut Craciunul anul trecut? Vom petrece impreuna sarbatoarea Craciunului.

to spent, to party. How did you spent Christmas last years? We will spend together the Christmas Celebration.

a pretui. Si-a pretuit munca sa. Am pretuit tot timpul petrecut impreuna. (Am apreciat tot timpul petrecut impreuna.)

to value. He valued his work. We valued all the time spent together.

a prevedea. Am prevazut ce se putea intampla. Nu am putut sa prevedem cum o sa fie vremea.

to foresee. We foresaw what could happen. We could not foresee what will be the weather.

a prevesti. A prevestit ca va avea parte de ceva bun in viata. Mai multa ploaie este prevestita in aceasta seara.

to predict, to forecast. He predicted that something good would get in life. More rain is forecast tonight.

a prigoni. Crestinii erau prigoniti de romani. (Crestinii erau persecutati de romani.)

to persecute. Christians where persecuted by the romans.

a primejdui. Fumatul iti primejduieste viata. Daca o luati pe acel drum va primejduiti viata.

to endanger. The smoking endangers your life. If you take that road will endanger your life.

a primi. Voi primi o bicicleta de ziua mea. Am primit o scrisoare la cutia de scrisori. Trebuie sa primesc cadoul de ziua mea.

to receive, to get. I will receive a bike for my birthday. I received a letter in my mailbox. I have to get my birthday present.

a prinde (a lega/a fixa). Ne-am prins centurile de siguranta cu mult timp inainte ca avionul sa aterizeze in Munchen.

to fasten. We fasten seatbelts long before the airplane land in Munchen.

a prinde. A prins mingea. Portarul a prins mingea.

to catch. He caught the ball. The goalkeeper caught the ball.

a proceda. Vom proceda asa cum trebuie de fiecare data cand ne vom intalni. Ea a procedat corect. (Ea a actionat in mod corect.)

to proceed, to act. We will proceed as it should be every time we meet. She acted correctly.

a produce. Sanatatea produce confort. Fabrica de legume produce multe produse de calitate pentru viata noastra.

to produce. The health produces comfort. Factory of vegetable produce many quality products for our lives.

a proiecta. Acea cladire a fost proiectata de un mare arhitect. A fost foarte greu de proiectat acel prototip.

to design. That building was designed by a great architect. It was very difficult to design that prototype.

a promova. Am fost promovati agenti de vanzari. O sa fiu promovat in cadrul firmei dupa ce inchei acea afacere.

to promote. We was promoted to sales manager. I'll be promoted within the company after I'll finish that business.

a prosti. Nu te mai prosti! Ne prostim din cand in cand. (Ne prostim ocazional.)

to fool. Stop fooling around! We fool around occasionally.

a provoca. Te provoc la duel. Articolul a provocat multe critici.

to challenge, to provoke. I challenge you to a duel. The article provoked much criticism.

a pune. Pune-ti haina pe tine! Am pus haina pe umeras.

to put. Put your coat on you! I put the coat on the hanger.

a purta. Intotdeauna port pasaportul cu mine. Ea poarta o palerie noua. Vom purta un tricou cu un nou logo imprimat pe el.

to carry, to wear. I always carry my passport with me. She is wearing a new hat. We will wear a shirt with a new logo printed on him.

a putea. Si tu poti! Ai putea sa-mi dai un pahar cu apa?

to can. You can do it! You could give me a cup of water?

a puti. Gunoiul pute.

to stink. The garbage stinks.

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