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A sublinia / To underline

Verbul a sublinia / to underline

Dictionar romana englez de cuvinte / verbe ordine alfabetica.

a sublinia. Raportul subliniaza nevoia de mai multe investitii in scoli.

traducerea în limba engleză / invata engleza nivel conversatie
to underline. The report underlines the need for more investments in schools.

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a sacrifica. Si-a sacrificat cariera pentru a educa copiii.

to sacrifice. She sacrificed her career to educate the children.

a sadi. Am sadit vegetale in gradina.

to plant. We have planted vegetables in the garden.

a salva. Multumesc! Mi-ai salvat viata! L-a salvat de la inec. Salvamarii salveaza oameni. Poti sa-l salvezi?

to save, to rescue. Thank you! You saved my life! It saved him from drowning. Lifeguards save people. Can you rescue him?

a sangera. Am scarpinat genunchiul si acum sangereaza. Rana sangereaza abundent.

to bleed. I scraped my knee and now it’s bleeding. The wound is bleeding profusely.

a sapa. Saparea gradinii este un bun exercitiu. Cartita a sapat un tunel chiar la mine in curte.

to digg, to hoe. Digging the garden is a good exercise. The mole dug a tunnel right in my backyard.

a saraci. Au fost saraciti de un nou impozit. Vom saraci din ce in ce mai mult cu aceste crize artificiale.

to impoverish, to poor. They were impoverished by a new taxe. We will poor increasingly more with these artificial crisis.

a sarbatori. Am sarbatorit victoria echipei noastre. Vom sarbatori in curand semnarea contractului.

to celebrate. We celebrate the victory of our team. We will celebrate soon the signing of the contract.

a saruta. Saruta-ma!

to kiss. Kiss me!

a satisface. Este imposibil sa ii satisfaci pe toti.

to satisfy. It’s impossible to satisfy everyone.

a savura. Mancare si cafea savuroase. Am savurat cina. Am savurat aceasta placinta delicioasa cu tarta.

to relish, to enjoy. Relish food and coffee We enjoyed our dinner. I enjoyed this delicious pie with tart.

a scadea. Durerea ta trebuie sa scada gradat dupa ce iei aceste tablete.

to diminish, to lower. Your pain shall diminish gradually after you taking this tablets.

a scalda. Ma scald in fiecare zi.

to bathe. I bathe every day.

a schilodi. Fiul sau a fost schilodit intr-un accident de masina.

to cripple. His son was crippled in a car accident.

a schimba. Orasul s-a schimbat mult. Am schimbat locurile.

to change, to switch. The town has changed a lot. We changed places. We switched places.

a schiopata. Merge cu un schiopatat.

to limp. Walks with a limp.

a schita. As dori sa schitez cateva detalii pentru tine. El a schitat planul viitoarei case.

to sketch. I’d like to sketch a few details for you. He sketched the plan of the future house.

a scinda. Petrecerea s-a scindat in trei parti.

to split. The party was split into three parts.

a scoate. Si-a scos portofelul. A scos mana din buzunar.

to take out, to remove. She took out his wallet. He removed his hand from his pocket.

a scotoci. Am gasit-o scotocind prin cartile mele.

to rummage. I found her rummaging through my books.

a scrie. Niciodata nu scriu scrisori. Voi scrie o scrisoare de intentie catre firma care ma va angaja.

to write. I never write letters. I'll write a cover letter to the company that will hire me.

a scufunda. Nava noastra s-a scufundat noaptea trecuta.

to sink. Our ship sank last night.

a scula. La ce ora te scoli de obicei? Scoala-te!

to wake up, to get up. What time do you usually wake up? Get up!

a scurge. Au scurs fructele si le-au folosit sa faca un suc bun.

to drain, to flow down. They drained the fruits and use it to make a good juice.

a scutura. Casele s-au scuturat cand o bomba a explodat in padure.

to shake. Houses were shaken when a bomb exploded in the woods.

a sedea. Sezi! (Ia loc!)

to sit. Sit down!

a semana. A semanat flori in gradina sa primavara trecuta. Fratii gemeni vor semana.

to sow, to resemble. She sowed flowers in her garden last spring. The twins will resemble.

a semna. A semnat pentru clubul de fotbal Chelsea. Am semnat un contract important cu o firma distribuitoare de pantofi.

to sign. He signed for the Chelsea Football Club. We signed an important contract with a shoe distribution company.

a separa. Am separat clasa in cinci grupuri. Vom separa aceste substante chimice.

to separate. I separate the class into five groups. We will separate those chemicals.

a servi. Va servit cineva?

to serve. Has anyone served you?

a sfarsi. La ce ora se sfarseste concertul? Sfarsit.

to end. What time does the concert end? The end.

a sfatui. Ce ma sfatuiesti sa fac?

to advise. What do advise me to do?

a sfida. Sfidez pe oricine care dezaproba aceasta.

to defy. I defy anyone that disapprove that.

a sforai. Este nepoliticos sa sforai.

to snore. It is rude to snore.

a sili. A fost silit sa-si dea demisia de la locul de munca.

to force, to compel. He was compel to resign from his job.

a simti. Ai simtit cutremurul?

to feel. Did you feel the earthquake?

a simula. Ea doar simuleaza.

to simulate. She just simulates.

a sinchisi. Nu se sinchiseste defel.

to care, bother. He doesn't cares at all.

a situa. Biserica este situata in apropierea caii ferate.

to place. The church is placed near the railway.

a skia. Iti place sa skiezi? Noua ne face placere sa schiem.

to sky. Do you like skying? We absolutely love to ski.

a smuci. Ea mi-a smucit cartea din mana.

to snatch. She snatched the book out of my hand.

a socoti. Averea sa este socotita la 5 milioane de dolari.

to reckon, to calculate. His fortune is reckoned at 5 million of dollars.

a soma. A fost somat sa plateasca datoria bancii.

to summon. He was summoned to pay the debt to the bank.

a sopti. Inceteaza sa soptesti, te rog!

to whisper. Stop whispering, please!

a sosi. Au asteptat-o sa soseasca astazi.

to arrive. They expect her to arrive today.

a spala. Poti tu sa speli copilul? Spala masina, te rog!

to wash. Can you wash the kid? Wash the car, please!

a spanzura. Ucigasul a fost spanzurat.

to hang. The murderes was hanged.

a sparge. Cine a spart aceasta vaza? El si-a spart capul.

to break, to crack. Who broke this glass? He cracked his head.

a spera. Sper sa am o viata mai buna.

to hope. I hope to have a better life.

a speria. Imi pare rau nu am vrut sa te sperii. Esti speriat?

to scare, to freighten. I'm sorry I didn't mean to scare you. Are you frightened?

a spori. A sporit in bogatie.

to increase. He increased in wealth.

a sprijini. Partidul il sprijina pe presedinte la alegeri.

to support, to prop. The party support the president for the election.

a spune. Am spus ca el va veni mai tarziu. Spune-mi adevarul.

to say, to tell. I said he will come later. Tell me the truth.

a sta. Ridica-te in picioare! Am stat mult timp dupa program. Stateam si ne uitam la cerul instelat.

to stay. Stand up! I stayed long after the program. I was sitting and looking at the starry sky.

a stabili. Nu e stabilit inca nimic.

to settle. Nothing is settled yet.

a stapani. Profesorul ii stapaneste pe elevi. Regele stapanea peste un imens regat.

to master, to rule. The teacher masters the students. The king ruled over a vast kingdom.

a stavili. Raul a fost stavilit.

to dam. The river was damed.

a sterge. Sterge vasele! Sterg mobila. Nu stergeti dosarele din calculatorul meu.

to delete, to whipe, to dust. Wipe out the dishes! I'm dusting the furniture. Do not delete the folders from my computer.

a stinge. Vreti sa stingeti tigara, va rog? Poti sa stingi focul inainte de a pleca?

to estinguish, to put out. Do you want to extinguish the cigarette, please ? Can you put out the fire before you leave?

a se stradui. Ne straduim constant sa ne imbunatatim serviciile.

to strive. We constantly strive to improve our services.

a straluci. Zapada stralucea in noapte.

to shine. The snow shining in the night.

a strange. Strangeti-va hainele! Ne-am strans ca sa ne bucuram de aceasta seara.

to tighten, to gather. Tighten your clothes! We gathered to enjoy this evening.

a stranuta. Ea racise si stranuta mult.

to sneeze. She had a cold and was sneezing a lot.

a strecura. M-am strecurat sa aud ce spun ei. Pisica s-a strecurat afara (Pisica s-a furisat afara.)

to strain. I strained to hear what they are saying. The cat sneaks out.

a strica. Laptele s-a stricat. Motorul masinii s-a stricat. (Motorul masinii s-a deteriorat / defectat.)

to spoil, to damage. The milk spoiled. The car's engine was damaged.

a striga. Nu striga la mine!

to shout. Don't shout at me!

a stropi. Ai nevoie de vreme buna ca sa te bucuri de stropirea cu apa. Ea a stropit florile. A stropit fripturile ci vin.

to splash, to wash, to sprinkle. You need good weather to enjoy splashing with water. She watered the flowers. She sprinkled the roast with wine.

a studia. Ea va invata economia de anul viitor.

to study. She will study economics next year.

a sublinia. Raportul subliniaza nevoia de mai multe investitii in scoli.

to underline. The report underlines the need for more investments in schools.

a suci. Si-a sucit glezna.

to twist. She twisted her ankle.

a suferi. Ea sufera de o depresie severa. Am suferit mult cand a plecat de langa noi.

to suffer. She suffers from a severe depression. We suffered a lot when he left us.

a sufla. Vantul sufla. (Bate vantul.)

to blow. The wind blows.

a sufoca. Cred ca ei se sufoca.

to choke, to smother. I think that they are choking.

a suge. Un copil suge de la san. Copilul sugea de la sanul mamei lui. Isi suge degetul la varsta de cinci ani.

to suck. A baby is sucking at the breast. The baby sucking at his mother's breast. He sucks his thumb at the age of five.

a sughita. A gasit o explicatie pentru care ea sughita.

to hiccup. He found an explanation for which she hiccuped.

a sugruma. Politia crede ca victima a fost sugrumata.

to strangle. Police believe the victim was strangled.

a suiera. Putea auzi suieratul vantului printre copaci.

to whistle. He could hear the wind whistling through the trees.

a suna. Suna telefonul.

to ring. The phone is ringing.

a supara. Nu-ti supara parintii! Nu te supara pe mine.

to upset, to get mad. Don't upset your parents! Do not get mad of me.

a suplini. Acest sistem il va suplini pe cel vechi. Acest profesor ma va suplini la catedra.

to replace. This system will replace the old one. This teacher will replace me in the chair.

a suporta. Cum suporti aceasta caldura? Nu suporta sa fie inchis. A suportat totul cu stoicism.

to support, to bear. How do you supports this heat? Not bear to be locked. He bore it all stoically.

a suprapune. Cele doua teorii fireste se suprapun. Programul nostru s-a suprapus cu al lor.

to overleap. The two theories obviously overleap. Our program overlapped with theirs.

a supune. Sclavii se supuneau fara sa cracneasca. (Sclavii se supuneau fara sa se planga.) S-au supus legii.

to obey, to submit, to subdue. The slaves obeyed without crying. They submitted to the law.

a surpa. Casele s-au surpat pe timpul cutremului. Cladirea s-a surpat datorita alunecarilor de teren.

to collapse, to crumble. The houses have collapsed during the earthquake. The building was collapsed due to landslides.

a surprinde. A fost surprins sa afle ca stia ziua lui de nastere. Am fost surprinsi de o furtuna. Atitudinea lui m-a surprins. Fotograful a surprins frumusetile naturii.

to surprise, to overtake, to capture. He was surprised to find out that he knew his birthday. We were overtaken by a storm. His attitude surprised me. The photographer captured the beauty of nature.

a suspina. Iubita lui suspina gandindu-se la el.

to sigh. His girlfriend sigh thinking of him.

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