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A inghiti / To swallow

Verbul a inghiti / to swallow

Dictionar romana englez de cuvinte / verbe ordine alfabetica.

a inghiti. Cei mai multi serpi isi inghit toata prada.
Nu inghiti mancarea, mestec-o!

traducerea în limba engleză / invata engleza nivel conversatie
to swallow. Most snakes swallow their prey whole.
Do not swallow your food, chew it!

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a imbraca. Te imbraci la ora 7 in fiecare dimineata? Puneti haina pe tine, te rog! Imbraca haina. Imbraca hainele. to dress. Do you get dressed at 7 o’clock every morning? Put your coat on you, please! Dress the clothes.
a imbratisa. Fetele s-au imbratisat cand s-au intalnit la biblioteca. Ne imbratisam de fiecare data cand ne intalnim. to embrace, to hug. The girls embraced as they met at the library. We hug every time when we meet us.
a impacheta. Am impachetat cartile. Ne-am mutat si am fost nevoiti si impachetam totul. to pack. We have packed the books. We moved and we had to pack up everything.
a impartasi. Trebuie sa-ti impartasesc dorinta mea. Ne-am impartasit unul altuia gandurile si idealurile. to impart, share. I need to impart you my desire. We've shared the thoughts and the ideals one each other's.
a imparti. Elevii invata sa imparta. Trebuie sa invatam sa impartim corect. to divide. The students are learning to divide. We must learn to divide correctly.
a se impiedica. Acest accident o v-a impiedica in cariera ei. Cu aceasta incaltamine ne vom impiedica pe munte. Aceasta nu ma impiedica sa fiu cu tine acum. to hinder. This accident will hinder her in her career. With this footwear we will hinder on the mountains. This does not hinder me to be with you now.
a impiedica. Ma impiedica sa-i vad fata. Aceasta te va impiedica sa termini cursa. to prevent. He prevented me from seeing his daughter. This will prevent you from completing the race.
a impinge. Am impins biroul de-a lungul camerei. Impinge masa! to push. We pushed the desk across the room. Push the table!
a impodobi. Ia copiii si impodobeste bradul de Craciun. Bradul de Craciun era impodobit cu multe globuri. Pomul era impodobit ca un brad de Craciun. to adorn, to decorate. Take the kids and adorn the Christmas tree. Christmas tree was adorned with many globes. The tree was decorated as a Christmas tree.
a imprastia. Multimea s-a imprastiat. to scatter. The crowd scattered.
a imprumuta. Pot sa imprumut umbrela ta? Imprumuta-mi o suma de bani pana saptamana viitoare. Bancile imprumuta oameni sau firme cu dobanda. Un imprumut este o datorie furnizata de catre o entitate catre o alta entitate, la o rata a dobanzii. to borrow, to lend, to loan. Can I borrow your umbrella? Lend me some money until next week. Banks lend people and companies with interest. A loan is a debt provided by an entity to another entity at an interest rate.
a impusca. Ei l-au impuscat pe serif. Pentru a castiga mai multe putere oamenii duc razboaie unde se impusca unii cu altii. to shoot. They shooted the sherif. To gain more power people going to wars where shoot each other.
a inainta. Sa inaintam este tot ceea ce ne dorim. Am inaintat cu greu pe linia frontului. Planul va fi inaintat saptamana viitoare. to advance, to submit. To advance is all that we want. We advanced hard on the front line. The plans will be submitted next week.
a inalta, a creste. Fumul se inalta din hornul casei. Somajul a crescut vertiginos in ultimii ani. O presupunere sigura este că temperatura va continua să creasca. M-ai ridicat pana la cer. to rise. Smoke rises from the chimney. Unemployment has risen steeply in recent years. A safe assumption is that the temperature will continue to rise. You raise me up until the sky.
a inarma. Tarile s-au inarmat peste noapte. Echipa noastra s-a inarmat pentru partida de vanatoare. to arm. The countries were armed overnight. Our team was armed for hunting trip.
a incalca. Ea a incalcat legea. Am primit o instiintare de incalcare a legii. I s-au incalcat toate drepturile cand a fost retinut. to infringe, to violate. She infringed the law. We've got an infringement notice of the law. All rights were violated to him when he was detained.
a incalzi. Zilele astea vremea s-a incalzit mai mult decat de obicei. A incalzit supa pentru pranz. to heat, to warm up. These days the weather was more heated than usual. He warmed up the soup from lunch.
a incarca. Incarca camionul chiar acum. Incarcam toata mobila si ne mutam in noua casa. A incarcat intreaga masina cu bagaje. to load. He’s loading the truck right now. We upload all the furniture and we are moving to the new home. He loaded whole car with luggages.
a incepe. Slujba ta va incepe imediat. De maine vom incepe sa lucram in gradina. to begin, to start. Your job will begin immediately. From tomorrow we will start to work in the garden.
a incerca. Incearca doar sa te calmezi. Sa incercam sa punem acest plan in aplicare. Incearca sa iti dai silinta mai mult data viitoare. to try. Just try to stay calm. Let's try to put this plan into practice. Try to devote you more next time.
a inceta. Domnul meu, niciodata nu am incetat sa te slavesc. Niciodata nu am incetat sa vad partea plina a paharului. to cease. My lord, I have never ceased to worship you. I have never ceased to see the glass half full.
a incetini. Incetineste un pic! Romania's economy has slowed growth. to slow down. Slow down a little bit! Cresterea economica a Romaniei a incetinit.
a inchide. Inchide usa! Multe magazine erau inchise dupa amiaza. Inchidem magazinul la ora stabilita.We close the shop at the appointed time. to shut, to close. Shut the door! Many shops were closed in the afternoon. We close the shop at the appointed time.
a inchina. Am inchinat in cinstea oaspetilor. Inchinam aceasta victorie tuturor celor care iubesc echipa noastra. to toast, to dedicate. We toasted to the guests. We dedicate this victory to all who love our team.
a inchiria. Am inchiriat o casa. Dorim sa mergem la mare si sa inchiriem o casa acolo. to rent. I rented a house. We want to go to the sea and to rent a house there.
a inclina. S-a inclinat in fata reginei. Ne-am inclinat cu respect in fata eroilor tarii. to bow, to tilt. She bowed before the queen. We have tilted with respect to the heroes of the country.
a inconjura. Armata a inconjurat orasul. They surrounded the park with people. to surround. The army surrounded the city. Au inconjurat parcul cu oameni.
a increde. Nu ai incredere in mine? Sa avem incredere unul in altul. to trust. Don’t you trust me? To trust each other.
a incuraja. Intotdeauna l-am incurajat sa-si discute problemele. L-am incurajat sa dea examen la facultate. to encourage. I always encouraged him to discuss his problems. I encouraged him to give exam in college.
a indatora. Va suntem indatorati. to be indebted, to oblige. We are indebted. to you.
a indemna. Prietenii lui l-au indemnat sa isi de-a demisia. Ne-am indemnat unul pe altul ca sa urcam muntele. to urge. His friends urged him to accept the resignation. We urged each other to climb the mountain.
a indeparta. Au indepartat vacile de ferma. Am indepartat orice gand rau din mintea noastra. to remove. They removed the cows from the farm. We removed any bad thoughts in our mind.
a indeplini. Vizitand Ierusalimul mi-am indeplinit visul. Visul meu pe care doresc sa-l indeplinesc este sa fim impreuna. to fullfil. Visiting Jerusalem I fulfilled the dream. My dream that I want to fulfill it is to be together.
a indoi. El a indoit bara de fier. Si-a indoit degetul de la jumatate. to bend. He bent the bar of iron. He bent the finger from half.
a indrazni. N-am indraznit sa o intreb. Indrazniti sa veniti mai aproape. to dare. I didn't dare to ask her. Dare to come closer.
a indura. Eu nu pot sa ma indur sa vad mancarea aruncata. Nu ne induram sa plecam din acel loc magnific. to bear. I can't bear seeing the food thrown away. We can not bear to leave that magnificent place.
a indurera. Este inca indurerata de accidentul surorii sale. Erau inca indurerati de pierderea suferita. to grieve. She is still grieving for her sister’s accident. They were still grieving the loss.
a infatisa. Desenele animate l-au infatisat pe primar ca un om fara inima. Este infatisat ca un om cu caracter. to portray. The cartoons have portrayed the mayor as a man without heart. It is portrayed as a man of character.
a infige. Si-a infipt mainile in buzunare. S-a infipt sa manance inghetata. Si-a infipt cutitul in pepene. to thrust, to stick. He thrust his hands into his pockets. It has stuck to eat ice cream. He stuck the knife in the watermelon.
a infiinta. Si-au dorit sa infiinteze propria lor cultura de ciuperci. Ei vor sa-si infiinteze propria fabrica. Am infiintat aceasta companie inca din anul 1886. to establish, to set up, to find. They wanted to establish their own mushroom culture. They want to set up their own factory. We founded this company since 1886.
a infiora. Ea s-a infiorat de placere. to thrill. She thrilled by pleasure.
a infrunta. Trebuie sa am curajul sa infrunt adevarul. Este o singura cale pentru mine. Infrunta o situatie delicata. to face. I must have the courage to face the true. It’s only one way for me. Face a delicate situation.
a ingheta. Lacul ingheta iarna. Am inghetat in casa fiindca era foarte frig. to freeze. The lake freeze in winter. I froze in the house because it was very cold.
a inghiti. Cei mai multi serpi isi inghit toata prada. Nu inghiti mancarea, mestec-o! to swallow. Most snakes swallow their prey whole. Do not swallow your food, chew it!
a ingriji. Sotul are grija de copii in timp ce ea este la servici. Se ingrijeste de sanatatea fiicei sale. to take care. Husband takes care of the children while she is at work. She cares for her daughter's health.
a ingropa. Am ingropat calul in gradina. Cand eram copii ingropam lucruri in pamant. to bury. We buried the horse in the garden. When we were kids we were burying things in the ground.
a ingusta. Drumul s-a ingustat la un moment dat. to narrow. The road was narrowed at a time.
a inhata. Am inhatat arma din mana banditului. to snatch, to snap. We snatched the gun from the bandit’s hand.
a injura. Nu invata cum sa injuri in orice limba. to swear. Don’t learn how to swear in any language.
a inlatura. Trebuie sa inlaturam gunoiul din oras. Va trebui sa inlaturam vechile insemne si sa le adaugam pe cele noi. to remove. We must remove the garbage from the city. Will have to remove the old signs and add new ones.
a inmuia. Drumul se inmoaie daca ploua. Va trebui sa-l inmuiem putin. to dip, to soften. The road dips if it rains. We will have to soften him a little bit.
a se ineca. O fata s-a inecat aici saptamana trecuta. to drown. A girl drowned here last week.
a inota. Stii sa inoti? E bine sa stii sa inoti. to swimm. Do you know how to swim? It's good to know how to swim.
a se inrola. A fost inrolat in armata. to enlist. He was enlisted in the army.
a se inscrie. S-a inscris intr-o organizatie care face voluntariat. to enroll. She was enrolled in a volunteer organization.
a insela. Si-a inselat clientii. Ne-a inselat pe toti. A inselat asteptarile noastre. to cheat, to deceive. He cheated his clients. He cheated everyone. He has deceived our expectations.
a insemna. Ce inseamna asta? to mean. What mean that?
a se insenina. Noaptea s-a inseninat. to brighten. The night was brightened.
a insoti. Cainele a insotit persoana nevazatoare toata ziua. Ne-au insotit in biserica. to accompany, to join. The dog has accompanied the blind person all day.. They joined us in the church.
a inspaimanta. Nu am vrut sa-l inspaimant. to frighten. I did not want to frighten him.
a intalni. Am intalnit un prieten. Vom avea o intalnire de afaceri dupa amiaza. to meet. I met a friend. We will have a business meeting in the afternoon
a intampina. Ei au intampinat un nou oaspete. to welcome, to meet. They welcomed the new guest.
a intarzia. Ne-am intarziat plecarea. Am intarziat la locul de munca azi. to delay, to be late. We delayed our departure. I'm late to work today.
a intelege. Nu intelegi limba germana? Intelegi ce vreau sa spun? to understand. Don't you understand German? Do you understand what do I mean?
a intentiona. Intentionez sa deschid un restaurant. Intentionam sa jucam tenis de camp in curand. to intend. I intend to open a restaurant. We intend to play tennis soon.
a intinde. Hainele mele s-au intins cand le-am spalat. Ne facem intinderea inainte de alergare. to stretch. My clothes stretched when I wash them. We do stretching before running.
a intoarce. Intoarce la dreapta la semafor. A intors masina fara sa semnalizeze. to turn. Turn right at the lights. He returned the car without signaling.
a intra. A intrat cu galagie in camera. Intra, te rog! to enter, to come in. He entered with noise in the room. Come in please!
a intreba. Pot sa te intreb unde imi sunt pantofii? Va intrebam care sunt pericolele imigratiei? to ask. May I ask you where are my shoes? Do we ask you what are the dangers of the immigration?
a intrerupe. Vrei te rog sa nu ma mai intrerupi? Legatura telefonica s-a intrerupt brusc. to interrupt. Will you stop interrupting me? The telephone connection was suddenly interrupted.
a intretine. Nu castiga suficient ca sa-si intretina familia. Ea si-a intretinut ambii parinti cu venitul sau. to support. He did not earn enough to support his family. She supported both his parents with his income.
a intuneca. Cerul s-a intunecat din cauza ploii. to darken. The sky was darkened by the rain.
a invarti. Capul i se invartea din cauza lichiorului. Ne-am invartit in carusel pana ne-am ametit. to spin. Her head was spinning from liquors. We spun into the carousel until we got dizzy.
a invata. Tom nu a invatat lectia saptamana trecuta. to learn. Tom didn’t learn the lesson last week.
a se invecina. Campurile sunt invecinate cu padurile. Coreea de Sud se invecineaza cu Coreea de Nord, Japonia si Marea Galbena. to border. The fields are bordered by the woods. South Korea its bordering with North Korea, Japan and with the Yellow Sea.
a inveli. Inveleste copilul cu hainele! Trebuie sa te invelesti bine seara ca sa nu racesti. to wrap. Wrap the baby with the clothes! You must wraps good at night to not catch a cold.
a invinge. Ei au invins echipa Universitatii. Trebuie sa invingem aceasta echipa ca sa ajungem in finala. to defeat, to beat. They defeated the team of University. We have to beat this team to reach the finals.
a invinovati. L-am invinovatit pe el pentru accident. to blame. I blamed him for this accident.
a inviora. S-a inviorat dupa un dus cu apa rece. Noua inovatie a inviorat lectiile. to freshen, to enliven. It was refreshed after a shower with cold water. The new innovation enliven the lessons.
a invoi. Ma invoiesc cu tine (Sunt de acord cu tine.) to agree. I agree with you.
a se invrednici. A sunat-o, dar ea nu s-a invrednicit sa raspunda. Nu ne vom invrednici sa raspundem la o asemenea acuzatie. to deign. He called her, but she didn’t deign to answer. We wouldn't deign to answer to such an accusation.
a inzestra. A fost inzestrat cu o extraordinara energie. to endow. He was endowed with an extraordinary energy.

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